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Keyword Response

Keyword Response

Length: Minimum 3 pages, Maximum 4 pages

Format: Hard copy, typed and double-spaced

  1. Summarize three key points made about the keyword in the article about the keyword.
  2. List two areas of potential conflict in American cultural and political discourse over this keyword. Give a specific example for each conflict and explain how they represent different ways of thinking about this word/concept.
  3. Note two things from the article that, for you, were new or different ways of thinking about the keyword. Explain how and why they were new to you.
  4. Mention one aspect of the article about the keyword you agree with and one you are unsure about or disagree with and why.
  5. Explain how you would define this term and why and then briefly discuss how useful you think this term is in dealing with specific aspects of cultural studies. You are welcome to suggest a new definition or even a new keyword

Keywords include: Exceptionalism, Freedom, America, Nation, Identity, Race, Ethnicity, Diversity, Orientalism, Queer, Normal (don’t do the word “Culture” since we discussed that thoroughly in class). Check the syllabus and text for other keywords.

  • Refrence this: 1. Burgett and Hendler, Keywords for American Cultural Studies (physical text) 2nd Ed. (KACS in the syllabus); Burgett and Hendler, Keywords for American Cultural Studies online documents (…)

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