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Media and Sexuality assignment

Topic 1: Media and Sexuality

How does television and movies teach gender? What film or television serious had the most influence on your gender role? What can be done to improve how children are influenced by media? (please focus on TV shows and films and not advertising)

Topic 2: Sex Research Ethics Tuskegee Study

After reading the article on the Tuskegee study, reflect on what you feel were the main violations of ethics. What do you feel are the main ethical concerns facing sexuality research today?


  • Text Chapter 2
  • Brandt, A. M. (1978, December). Racism and research: The case of the Tuskegee Syphilis study. The Hastings Center Report, 8(6): 21-29. (PDF)
  • Carmody, M. (2007, March 13). Sexuality Research: Ethics. Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Ritzer, George (ed). Blackwell Publishing, 2007. Blackwell Reference Online. doi 1111/b.9781405124331.2007.x Retrieved from (Link to Word Document)

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