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MP discussion and replies 3

Part 1 Write a discussion post.

“What types of advertising appeals do you believe are most effective? Why?” Cite Examples.

Part 2 Reply to both of the following posts.

Post 1: Although there are many forms of advertising, to me certain ones are more effective than others. The more appealing advertisements are those that match my interests at the right time. Advertisers are smart to know their target and get those advertisement to those targets in an appropriate manor. What I mean by appropriate is the right time and place. For example, an appropriate time to advertise to me is when I’m home looking at television, out shopping or online store filling up my virtual shopping cart.

On the other side, it is not appropriate if I’m on social media or YouTube and there blocking the screen is an ad. To make matters worse, the pop-up ad is usually those in which I had browsed before. The fact that information about our every online click is passed around and sold among the cyber world is frightening. When this type of advertising invades my privacy I usually click the why am I seeing this thingy. For me, making the target feel like their being stalked is very ineffective.


Bae, E. S. (2003, Spring). Pop-up advertising online: slaying the hydra. Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal, 29(1), 139+. Retrieved from

Clow, K. E., & Baack, D. (2016). Intergrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications (7th ed.). Pearson. Retrieved January 24, 2019

Posy 2: I believe the most effective advertising appeal is the fear appeal based on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This need of safety is a primary need in this theory. This theory is important because it basis is used to explain what motivates people. If a company can successfully use fear to stimulate the need for safety and motivate consumers to a purchase than it will, for sure, be a successful campaign. This can be seen in most of the advertisements against tobacco use and also in home security commercials. These examples may be obviously apparent in their use of fear in advertising but this method can also be seen in areas such as financial security. Allstate often uses fear appeal in their advertisements, most notably in their Mayhem campaign.

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