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Research discussions

There are TWO seperate discussions!

Instructions: After reading the LUMEN lessons “What is Research?”, “Research and Other Types of Source-Based Writing,” and, “What is Research Writing?” and the assigned text and video in Week 1, look ahead to the discussion questions and module essay prompt. Then, respond to the following questions:

  1. Define a “homework question”. Find an example from this week’s discussion post and explain why it is a “homework question”.
  2. Define a “research question”. Create your own sample research question based on the module topics. Explain why it is a research question.
  3. Review the module essay prompt. Is this a research project or a source-based essay? Explain your answer!

Instructions: After reading the LUMEN lesson “The Qualities of Good Research” and watching the video “Choosing a Management Research Topic” and the modules readings/videos in Week 2, look ahead to the module essay prompt.

  • Identify a potential research topic for the essay and brainstorm around the items in the list below.
  • Then, identify which one or two of the items from your brainstorm you will consider for your essay topic, and why/how they are manageable topics.
  • Include your brainstormed ideas for all five items, and a paragraph summary of your brainstorm, potential essay topics, and supporting reasons.

Narrowing a Topic – Brainstorm:

  • A single event
  • A specific group
  • A limited time period
  • One cause or effect
  • One argument or viewpoint

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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