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Topic 3 DQ 1-1

Please write a comment base on the text below. Include reference and citation in case you need it.

Many cultures have preferences concerning their diet: African Americans traditionally pass down recipes for “soul food”. This type of food consists of starches, cornbreads, greens, hoppin john (rice and black eyed peas), succotash (corn and lima beans), rice, grits buttermilk is a common staple and most meats are fried. The Asian-American culture has foods based on religious terms, Hinduism practices fast and feasting with and without alcohol. Another would be Mexican-American, it is found that food is a large part of the culture. their diet consists of beans, tortillas, breads and foods such as tamales.

Patients often go through stages when getting a new diagnosis. I know with my father, at first it was disbelief, then anger set in when he was told he couldn’t have his favorite foods. What we as nurses and diabetes educators must teach the patient is that they can still partake of their cultureal foods or favorite foods but must do so within the guidelines of their diabetic diet assigned to them. Example: it is ok to have a tamale or beans but limit it to 1/2 cup of beans and choose chicken for the meat inside the tamale. By doing this then the patient is more apt to follow the diet given keeping his or her diabetes in check.


Oluwaranti, A. & Davis, S.V. (2015) Cultral considerations in diabetes education. American Association of Diabetes Educators Retrieved October 29, 2018 from…

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