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week 6 response 2

I need to respond to this is 300-400 words in A.P.A format with at least 2 references

A predator is defined as someone who “victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one’s own gain” (2011, p. 3). If an investigator were to pose as a minor and initiate a conversation about sex with an adult in the chat room, and the adult were to request a meeting for sex with the “minor”, the investigator is intentionally trying to meet with a sexual predator in order to arrest them. This would be defined as as sexual solicitation which means “requests to engage in sexual activity, talk, or information, regardless of being wanted or unwanted by an adult to a child” (2015, p. 394).

It should be noted, that “only a fraction of young people are actively propositioned to meet someone in person for sex. Further, even fewer young people agree to such a meeting. This is a very important point to keep in mind. Undercover operations, whether conducted by the police or an investigative television program, are actively looking to meet predators in order to arrest them. Therefore, if a predator wants to meet, the undercover officer will arrange it. Most children do not want to meet and are unwilling to engage in sexual conversations with strangers” (2011, p. 3). If an investigator is using the Internet to actively catch a sexual predator, he or she is doing this strictly for the purpose of police work.

Is it legal or ethical to engage in this type of police work? On the one hand, I do believe that this type of police work is necessary to protect children. In most cases, though, children do not engage with predators in any way. Nor do children often agree to meet with them. Because of this, I cannot say that this type of police work is ethical. The investigator is engaging with a predator in a chat room and starts the conversation about sex to the predator. In this way, the investigator is actively attempting to create the situation that causes the adult in the chat room to commit a crime. Not only that, but the investigator is creating a situation on the Internet that minors do not normally create with an adult. For this reason, while I do believe that this type of police work is good and necessary at times, I cannot say that it is ethical or legal.


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