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Week4 belwo

psy 335

After reading through the material, go to the website at the link below and truthfully answer the questions. Select the standard results (free).

What do you think of the results? Do you agree or disagree? Why (give examples)?

*Reminder-See discussion requirements in the syllabus and in the Week 1 description area.

Psy 332

Should chemical castration be mandated for sex offenders? Why or why not? Write an essay of 200-400 words addressing these questions and support your conclusions. Remember to post responses (75-100 words each) to at least two of your classmates.


Discuss with your colleagues how a health care organizations can promote a culture of compliance and responsibility? Through your research, identify a specific organizational structure or program that could serve as a “best practice” for other health organizations. What specific health care organization currently uses the program or structure you picked? Describe the program in a paragraph. Is it a training program? A handbook? An immunization program? A patient care involvement program? A financial management practice? Penalties for fraud detection and reporting in the organization? Policy development? Procedure (SOP) creation? Benchmarks? External QA/QC consultants? Is this “best practice” specific to just this setting? Peer comments should compare and contrast their findings with others presented. See Discussion Expectations and Grading for rules on discussions.

Assigned reading materials:

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