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I think that you hit some great points with your comments and references to how firms can anticipate commoditization in their industry, and how this strategic position can lead to a long term competitive advantage. (Gill, 2018) You had some interesting takes on the concept of commoditization, and I was hoping you could elaborate on, when you said “Another approach of commoditization is to help or prevent the existence of premium commodities on the market. If every firm employs it, then all products in the market remain to be of the same value.” (Gill, 2018, n.p.) What did you mean by help or prevent the existence of premium commodities? This week we were presented with two different forms of anticipation strategies from our textbook, and personally I found the value-in-use approach to be one that I could use in both the StratSim environment and in my current career. This strategy looks to utilize the action of trying to promote or advertise value adding features as differentiators that separate the product from competitors. Gronroos (2008) stated in his research of the value-in-use approach was to view customers as co-producers in the creation of additions or changes to the differentiators, and use their feedback to help guide any changes that could be needed. I see that by incorporating the customer feedback and understanding the demands of the consumer better a company can then position itself to outperform others in the industry, and it creates a pathway towards competing with commoditization in the industry.


Gill, K. (2018) Re:MT1: Strategies for maging Industry Evolution. Retrieved from

Grönroos, C. (2008). Service logic revisited: who creates value? And who co-creates?. European business review, 20(4), 298-314.

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