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mental health week 8

Assignment: Journal Entry (3-4 pages)

Use the Multicultural Awareness Journal Template to create your journal entry. In your journal entry, include the following:

  • Summaries and reactions to the self-assessment results and reflection process
    • Summarize the results of your Multicultural Self-Assessment.
    • Identify which Harvard Implicit Bias self-assessments you took and summarize the results
    • Explain how your results might make sense in light of the cultural influences in your life and/or your life experiences.
  • Reflections on being “other
    • Based on the media for this week, briefly tell the story of the first time you realized you were “other.”
    • Discuss your reactions to your realization of being “other.”
    • Explain how your developmental stage impacted your experience of “otherness.”
  • Implications for personal development and professional practice
    • Describe perceived gaps in cultural competency and actions you plan to take as a result of the self-assessment and reflection process.
    • Explain the importance of multicultural awareness and cultural competency to the practice of clinical mental health counseling.


  • Erford, B. T. (Ed.). (2018). Orientation to the counseling profession: Advocacy, ethics, and essential professional foundations (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

    • Chapter 10, “Human Development Throughout the Life Span” (pp. 311–336)
    • Chapter 11, “Multicultural Counseling” (pp. 337–372)

    Petrone, M. C. (2004). Multicultural self-assessment. In M. D. Cox & L. Richlin (Eds.), Building faculty learning communities (pp. 122–123). San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons.

While this journal is reflective in nature, you should use the template provided in order to ensure appropriate APA structure and formatting. You are expected to support your work with reference to additional Learning Resources and to use appropriate APA format for in-text citations. It is highly recommended that you specifically cite the Petrone assessment in-text, since it will be used in the preparation of your paper.

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