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Purpose: To discover media resources for parents and their children…

  • This discussion should get you thinking about theories of child development.Given the videos you’ve just watched, the reading of Chapter 1, and the questionnaire you completed, which theory most likely reflects your beliefs about child development?
  • Please respond to the following questions. Given the theories presented in your textbook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and your perceptions about the three basic issues of child development, which theories do you feel are most compatible with your beliefs about how children develop and why? How does the theory you relate to differ from the others? Consider the questionnaire you completed earlier about your beliefs about issues of development and how those may be influencing your choices.
  • After you complete your response, you are expected to respond to the post of at least five other classmates. These responses should be thoughtful and contribute to the learning community. In other words, more than, “I agree” or “well said.”

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