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art lectures

After viewing Lecture 1 please respond to the following post:

For further reading:

Do you think Richard Prince’s New Portraits are art? How do you feel about them from an ethical standpoint? Would you be flattered if he used your instagram image?

  • Art Assignment #1

    Select two images of works of art, one that you know that you like or have positive feelings for and the second that provokes negative feelings. Add the images to a word document or powerpoint slide with citation (artist’s name, title, date, medium, size, location).

    • Submit two images of artwork in a word document or pdf that represent works specifically created as art or exhibited as art
    • Cite image titles per citation directions
    • Included paragraph(s) describing the reason for choosing selected works

    Do not submit “clip-art” found by googling “art” or submitting a press photograph of an athlete (or anyone else) and telling me why you do or don’t like them. You need to write several sentences describing the reasons for your selections. The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about how you interact with art and discuss your responses. I’m not looking for, “I like this, or I hate this,” but more a description of why something about the artwork causes a reaction positive or negative. An example is available in the Lecture 1 powerpoint. Here are links for websites that you can easily access the requirements for this assignment.

  • Discussion #2

    After viewing Lecture 2 Part 1 please respond to the following prompt:Do you think that the celebrity/fame the Mona Lisa has received is warranted? What’s your favorite take on her? (Whether it’s a product made with the painting image or a cameo in media or even a meme) Feel free to share an image!

  • Discussion #3

    After reading Lecture 2 Part 2 answer the following prompt:Please explain the reason you designated the terms,

    • Representational
    • Naturalistic
    • Abstract
    • Stylized

    to illustrate the forms in the two paintings by Pablo Picasso, First Communion and Seated Woman Holding a Fan.

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