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​Create an Annotated Bibliography

Create an Annotated Bibliography

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An annotated bibliography is an alphabetized list of sources (including books, documents, videos, articles, web sites, etc.); each annotation includes a citation, summary, assessment, and reflection. The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to help students learn about selected topics, refine project goals and objectives, illustrate the quality of research performed, provide examples of the types of sources available, and help them decide if the selected topic has been thoroughly covered enough to inform the desired project goal.

During this course students are required to write and speak persuasively about the team’s selected topic. When teams are forced to read a source more carefully and critically, they begin to more efficiently determine the types of information that provide evidence for the team’s argument. They will also gain a better understanding of the other sources that are needed for additional evidence. This process will strengthen students’ research and writing skills and abilities.

A. Each annotation will consist of three elements:

  1. Citation in modified APA style which includes: Author, (Date), Title, Retrieval information.
  2. Summary-A paragraph summarizing the main points or ideas found in the item and evaluating each entry in terms of quality, qualifications of the author(s), purpose, and relevance.
  3. Assessment and Reflection – A paragraph evaluating the reliability and credibility of the source and a reflection on the usefulness of the item in relation to the selected research topic. Answer: What was the goal of the source? Is the source biased or objective? How would the source be helpful to the team? How does it provide evidence for one of the team’s arguments? How does it help students think about their selected topic?

B. The completed annotated bibliography will contain:

  1. An alphabetized annotated bibliography
  2. Standard reference list/bibliography (see attached example on pages 3-5)

For more information on Annotated Bibliographies

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