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Do your hands sweat when you take exams? Does your mind race and go
blank? Does your heart speed up? Do you feel you have test taking
issues? This is a very common issue for people. There are techniques
that we can learn that can improve our performance.
Get a better understanding of what you can do to decrease your test taking issues by reviewing the Test-taking Techniques tab on the School of Health Sciences Studying & Test-taking Help Guide
and in particular the Test Preparation tab. In addition, explore the
other resources that the college has to assist you in this area.

Using the below template, document what you learned exploring the
Guides provided by the Library. Use what you learned in your strategic
review to answer “What are your concerns?” Be sure to discuss how you
used the information you found in the library to address your
test-taking concerns.

What are your test-taking concerns? What library resources did
you find to help you address your concerns? How will you apply these
resources and information to help you?

Add as many items as needed.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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