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Lesson Plan Homework

Lesson Objective/s:

1.Students to describe change of location of an object

2.Students to use words like “next to, above, and behind”

3.Students to identify movements of an objects for example move in straight lines, zigzags, up and down, back and forth, round and round, or fast and slow.

1.Part A: Elements of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is used by teachers to design lessons which are inclusive

and incorporate technology. Here are links to examples of lesson plans written using UDL:……

There are three major elements to Universal Design for Learning: multiple means of

representation, multiple means of engagement, and multiple means of expression.

2. Multiple means of representation: Students are given multiple ways to acquire knowledge

and to understand information. For example: readings, audio recording, presentation, video,

map, pictures, review questions, demonstration, modeling, visual, tactile, movement, etc.

> List two ways that students will acquire the knowledge needed to be successful in

meeting the lesson objectives that you listed in the Module 1 assignment, and explain

your rationale.

a. Information representation 1: Rationale:

b. Information representation 2: Rationale:

3. Multiple means of expression: Students are provided with different methods of

demonstrating what they have learned.

>List two ways students can show what they have learned (talking, writing, reciting,

illustrating, selecting, describing, reporting, following directions, showing, etc.) Explain

your rationale.

a. Learning expression method 1: Rationale:

b. Learning expression method 2: Rationale:

4. Multiple means of engagement: Students are able to participate in learning in multiple


> List two activities that take into account the different skill levels of students in the class.

Include child directed activities (sing songs, interactive video games, activity centers,

toys, etc). Explain your rationale.

a. Participation activity 1: Rationale:

b. Participation activity 2: Rationale:

Part B: Parent Participation

5. Activity: Suggest an activity for parents to become involved in the lesson.

Rationale: Include your rationale for choosing this activity.

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