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Module 6 and Final ( cultural practice presentation)

Hello, I will need help in doing my assignment that is; initial post discussions for Cultural Practice Presentation DB( what I choose is Cultural Diversity at Advantys LLC which is a software company . Here you can use PowerPoint to talk about cultural diversity in any company you know but use Advantys as the example).

Secondly, click on CULTURAL PRACTICE PRESENTATION DB to reply 5 posts from peers using the direction below


1. Click into this forum and post your Cultural Practices Presentation. You can post it either as an attachment or a link.

2. Review at least five classmates’ presentations and respond (in a minimum of 125 words) to at least five posted presentations, including one or more of the following prompts in each response:

    • how you could use the information from each of your group member’s presentations in your personal or future professional life
    • suggestions for improvement of the presentation
    • at least one question on some aspect of the presentation that the presenter can clarify in his/her response

3. Points will be taken off for the following:

  • If it isn’t evident by the quality of your feedback that you thoroughly reviewed each presentation
  • If there are multiple incidences of misspellings, incorrect grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • If you don’t submit a response to at least five classmates’ posted presentations

Also, please use the following Scoring Rubric to evaluate your Cultural Practice Presentation. Click the link on the blackboard Cultural Practices Presentation Self-Evaluation Scoring Rubric. to do the self evaluation.

Please the I would like it to be submitted in time.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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