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chapter review in marketing

BOOK MUST BE USED ONLY!!! i WILL GIVE THE LINK TO THE BOOK WHEN YOU ARE ACCEPTED. Here is the template if you would like to use it INCLUDED. Each question must be throughly answered!! which could mean several paragraphs to a few sentences.

. All answers MUST be in your own words unless the question asks for a direct definition or to list specific information. I want you to show you understand the concept. I do not want to know how good your copy/paste skills are, so DO NOT copy and paste from the textbook or PowerPoint. I do realize your answers will include the same or similar words to the textbook or PowerPoint. Just make sure you have taken the information and explained it on your own when possible.

Each question is worth 5 points. Some questions will be more difficult, or include more parts but others will be much simpler, so everything should balance out.

Chapter 16

1. Explain the purpose of the editing process.
2. What is coding? What is the purpose of the codebook?
3. What are three (3) options for dealing with missing data in analyses?

Chapter 17
1. What types of variables might be analyzed with frequency analysis?
2. Why do analysts often construct confidence intervals? What is their purpose?
3. What are the most commonly used descriptive statistics?
4. What is the difference between the null and alternative hypothesis?
5. Why can a hypothesis be rejected, but never fully accepted?
6. What is a p-value? Do researchers typically want to obtain higher or lower p-values?

Chapter 18
1. Why would a researcher consider conducting multivariate analyses? Why not just conduct overall univariate analyses?
2. Explain the purpose and importance of cross tabulation.
3. Explain the difference between an independent sample t-test for means and a paired sample t-test for means.
4. What would be the appropriate test to determine if men differed from women in their satisfaction with a meal served in a fast-food restaurant?

BONUS: The U.S. Census is conducted every 10 years. The next one will occur in 2020. What is it and why is it so important? Visit this website Why a Census? and answer the following: 1) What article of the Constitution explains the Census?, 2) What are two (2) ways the Census benefits communities? Worth up to 5 points.

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