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​I need two simple responses to 2 of my classmates’ answers

I need two simple responses to 2 of my classmates’ answers.

please remember that – simple responses without advance vocabulary ( international students).

– less than half page each response.

– I need them with references.

This is the question.

Read the article on the Haddon matrix application (Haddon Matrix Article.pdf ) to public health emergencies in emergency management. The Haddon matrix was designed in the 1960s as a model to understand injury prevention and control. It examines agent, host and environment in three phases, pre-event, event and post-event.

Choose any disaster incident type listed in the Comprehensive Planning Guide (CPG-201 v 2) or the THIRA document and use your skills with data management software programs (Microsoft Excel) to create a matrix that examines the interaction of influencing factors and phase. Don’t forget to include factors that would ‘protect’ or ‘strengthen’ the host to resist damage/injury. This activity is consistent with the first step of the THIRA process!

You may not use any of the examples given in the assigned article. Pay specific attention to attributes of the host found in the assigned reading in Perry and Lindell which may contribute to why emergency planning is difficult or made more difficult. You may choose to write about disaster incidents in other countries but make sure to provide detail about what particular characteristics or societal values are different or unique based on your choice. If you choose to use such an incident, be certain to cite, using APA format, the reports you used to understand that event.

and these are my friends’ answers.

  • First answer
  • Virginia Tech Mass Shooting – Haddon Matrix
  • Top of Form
  • Hello Everyone,
  • In this post I will use the Haddon Matrix on mass shootings, I chose the Virginia Tech Massacre as an example of a mass shooting incident.
  • Background:
  • On April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot 49 students and faculty, killing 32, before killing himself. The horrifying event occurred in two separate locations. First, Cho killed two people at West Ambler Johnston Hall. Then he headed to Norris Hall, where he killed the other 30 and committed suicide after he realized that the law enforcement was about to arrest him. There has been some criticism of the way the university responded to this incident, continuing with the normal classes after the first shooting was considered to be a mistake (CNN, 2017). Cho showed signs of mental health problems since he was a child. After recognition from his middle and high schools, his parents sought private psychiatric treatment and counseling for his selective mutism and depression (Virginia Tech Review Panel, 2007).
  • References:
  • Armstrong, J. H., & Frykberg, E. R. (2007). Lessons from the response to the Virginia Tech shootings. Disaster Med Public Health Prep, 1(1 Suppl), S7-8.
  • Mass shootings at Virginia Tech, April 16, 2007 report of the Virginia Tech Review Panel presented to Timothy M. Kaine, Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia. (2007, August). Retrieved February 20, 2018, from…
  • Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Guide … (2013, August 29). Retrieved February 22, 2018, from…
  • Virginia Tech Shootings Fast Facts. (2017, April 03). Retrieved February 20, 2018, from
  • Bottom of Form




Physical Environment

Social Environment


– Students & staff unaware of the killer situation & intentions

– Severe anxiety disorder identified killer.

– A .22-caliber Walther P22 semi-automatic handgun and a 9 mm semi-automatic Glock 19 handgun.

– 19 Magazines

– Chains

– Hammer

– University dormitory with magnetic card reader

– Engineering college with 3 main entrances

– Construction work in campus, loud bangs and machinery sound were normal

– Laws allow carrying guns.

– School policy to identify mental health issues in students

– Loopholes in VA state that allowed mentally ill patients to buy guns without a background check


– Trapped students in classrooms and dormitory

– Professors in classes shot

– Perpetrator committing suicide

– Gunshot wounds

– Second-story falls

– Panic

– Chained engineering college main entrances

– Low-security dormitory

– No locks on classroom doors

– Barricaded classroom doors

– Poor decision making not to evacuate after the first shooting

– No video surveillance cameras were installed


– 27 deaths among students

– 5 deaths among professors

– 17 injured students

– 19 penetrating injuries

– 4 blunt trauma

– 1 burn injury

– 1 asthma attack

– Law enforcement controlling campus

– EMS triage and transport of injured people

– Stress among families

– Posttraumatic stress within the student population

– Gun politics debates reignited

Second answer

West Virginia Flood Haddon Matrix

Influencing factors




Physical environment

Social environment

Pre Event

Pre flooding

Early warning on the flooding.

Prepare timely for floods.

Create emergency responders systems.

Interagency planning.

Waterborne diseases control.

Evacuation drills.

Proper escape routes.

Level of flooding.

Appropriate food supplies.

Enough drugs.

Proper drainage system.

Time of the day.

Areas to be affected.

Roads affected.

Expected water levels.

Clear evacuation procedures.

Support emergency responders.

Evacuation training and drills.

Emergency funds.


Fast response to emergencies.

Appropriate evacuation procedure.

Interagency response.

Evacuating persons.

Emergency points.

Heavy rainfall.

Changing climate.

Flooding streets.

Large pools of water.


Family reunification.

Damaged objects.

Emergency response.

Warm cloths.


Provide adequate emergency services.

Proper rehabilitation of the victims.

Post event

Health of flood victims.

Counseling services.

Treatment to sick victims.

Return calm and normal conditions.

Street cleaning.

Return home.

Reconstruction of destroyed property.

Damage evaluation.

Impact of the floods.

Recovery of damaged property.

Training and drills.


Bennett, B. (2016). A week after historic floods, West Virginia faces new reality. Retrieved from USA Today:…

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