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Interview addiction counselor

You are asked to interview someone who works with or specializes in substance use disorders. The interview can be in-person, phone, or via email. Solicit an interview with a substance use disorders treatment or prevention professional regarding (as relevant and appropriate) their personal and professional experiences with substance use, abuse, and dependence. Solicit their beliefs, values, and attitudes toward working with individuals with substance use disorders and/or family members. What have they learned along the way? How has their knowledge, understanding, and attitudes changed since they began working in the field? How many years have they been focusing on working with substance use disorders? Ideally, this interview will inform the final substance abuse paper you will be writing in this course.

Write your 6-8 paragraph summary of your interview with the professional. In addition, please summarize your reactions to this interview in light of your learning in this class as well as your own knowledge and experiences. Please refer to the course materials and readings to support your response. For this paper, include 2-3 course materials plus sources from the texts as references in APA format. Your paper should be in the 5-7 page range.

Your assignment will be graded according to the Interview Assignment Rubric

Interviewee is Robert Gillespie, he works at the Transformation Ranch in Pontotoc, MS, as an Addiction Outreach Counselor. He has held this position for 8 years. He is also a recovery addict himself.



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