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Response to discussion post 7

1. Hi Classmates, this was a very tough question for me. I work for one Health Care Brand, but I am getting Medical coverage from another Health care Brand. SO, it wouldn’t be right to not be loyal to the Heath organization I have worked for since 1994. But it also says a lot that I am not receiving Health care benefits from that so not Loyal, but I can tell you what BRAND I am loyal to and that is the BAND of the NFL. Those players coaches’ owners and assistance that are under the NFL BRAND don’t even call it that they consider it the SHIELD. Years ago once you were drafted into the NFL it took more than some criminal offense or offenses for you to get thrown out the league. This Billion Dollar a year Organization brings joy and happiness from Thursday night all the way till Monday night. With the Super Bowl capping off the final game of the year from the commercials to all the Halftime shows to what they do in poor communities around the nation its not hard at all to not like this BRAND or Shield. I even watch the pre draft combines because FANATASY FOOTBALL , From 12 billion 2004, to 16 billion in 2016 to 24 billion in 2018.

I get chills playing this these are from all the major networks



The National Football Leagues Brand and Stadium opportunities (Abreu & Spradley n.d) Retrieved 2/26/2020…

2> Crystal Cutsinger

First, after reviewing the HMGT 335 Week 7 Overview, refer to the definition of Brand Loyalty on Slide 5 and then select a health service organization that you are loyal to. If you are not a brand loyal customer as it relates to health care services, you can select another brand.

Describe why you are brand loyal to this organization or brand? What keeps you coming back? You may also want to attach an article or video of your brand.

I currently don’t have much choice over the brand of healthcare we can have so my weekly discussion is about a service I use very often.

I am very loyal to Amazon for shipping and buying products. They ship to anywhere in the world without fees if you’re a prime member. For the cost of your prime membership of $119 each year you get free two-day shipping among many other benefits (Delfino, 2019), which far outweigh the costs of the membership. In the last 6 years I have lived in remote areas of the world where getting everyday stuff you are used to being able to get from a regular store has been limited. Amazon prime has given me the opportunity to receive these items without ordering through several stores. For instance, I can order Perrier water, diapers, and food products that I can not find in South Korea. A lot of times I have been reduced to ordering clothes for myself and kids through their website due to the reduced variety the local stores have on our base. One time my son wore a shirt he had from the base exchange store and three other students in his class had the same shirt on.

Below is the holiday advertisement from amazon from 2019.


Devon Delfino. June 2013. Business Insider. ‘How much does Amazon Prime cost’?: A breakdown of Amazon’s membership plans, and whether they’re worth it. Retrieved from:

3: Wen Chen

Describe why you are brand loyal to this organization or brand? What keeps you coming back? You may also want to attach an article or video of your brand.

I am a member from Kaiser Permanente. I like this health service organization. Kaiser Permanente is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plans, serving 12.2 million members. At Kaiser Permanente, physicians are responsible for medical decisions. The Permanente Medical Groups, which provide care for Kaiser Permanente members, continuously develop and refine medical practices to help ensure that care is delivered in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Because Kaiser Permanente organization has a customer-focused orientation to its practices and procedures. Kaiser Permanente focuses on customer experience and uses innovative technology like virtual appointments that allow providers to see more patients more conveniently. It’s an example of making people’s lives easier and better. This organization take good care of patients and make sure patients are treated with courtesy and respect. Help patients understand what is going on as treatment is being given. Patients should feel they are just important, in the scheme of things. True professionals go out of their way to explain things in simple, declarative sentences. They give good manners to every patient and stay in touch with patients.

I really like Kaiser. When I see a doctor or go to Urgent Care all tests are done in the same building, and results are fast. I also love that Kaiser is very proactive about health. It is easy to get all results via the web. I have had excellent care at Kaiser. I appreciate that they are not for profit, and more about patients care.


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