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History paper

The following is the description of the project that you will complete as the final grade for HIS 126. Your goal is to define a world crisis that is consistent with the type of situation addressed in the book Mountains Beyond Mountains about the work of Dr. Paul Farmer who made a commitment to improve global health. We have discussed the fact that we cannot change history, but our study of these events should be able to give us the intellectual and emotional tools to respond to the crises that are part of today’s world. I have attached a short list of possible resources, but they are by no means the only resources that you may use to design this project. As you do your research, keep track of the sources you have used so that you can validate the information that you use. We will discuss this in class and you may ask me any questions that you have at any point during the semester.

Several points to keep in mind:

  • You must establish the context and history of the event as well as the active players in the situation
  • The most important element will be your choice of the NGO (Non-governmental organization) through which students can work to make a difference in the crisis.

You may use any format that meets the requirements of the project.

Crisis Assessment: This section of the proposal will define the problem, establish the historical context, clarify the geographic setting and identify the primary groups involved. This means that your reader should be able to identify those responsible for the crisis and those who are victims – directly or indirectly – of the situation.

Define resource: One of the key elements of this project is to choose the organization that best provides an opportunity for students to take action and make a difference in the situation. Make sure that this organization is reputable and has an excellent history in the use of donations and their effective applications. Possibilities include: outreach to elected officials, use of social media to communicate the problem and bring others on board to achieve the goals, responding directly to the NGO (organization) that is on the ground and working with victims of the crisis, design of an innovative response to the problem you have chosen to highlight (or any combination that works)

Project Mechanics: Consider the following issues when determining your choice; if the issues are insurmountable, then your project will not be applicable or effective.

  • Timeline for the project: The more immediate the response – the better.
  • Potential roadblocks: Consider political, social, cultural and economic factors
  • Budget: As you design this Take Action component – consider financial needs, constraints and potential fund-raising.

Description of the Project: Describe the project in full – with all the relevant information about the organization and the suggested means to respond to the crisis you have chosen.

Personal Impact Stories:

Wherever possible, have students interview and write profiles to document the change that has come as a result of their project. Also, you can collect reflections written by the recipients of the project’s goals. At least one is required.

Documentation: You must use at least 3 sources for your project, one would be

the website of the NGO and the others can be the sources I gave you or any others that you find. Once you define your crisis – it will be easier to find material. News sources may help you do the Crisis Assessment.

Global Crisis Resources

A Beginning List

Ted Talks:


Genocide Watch: (search interactive map for places at risk of genocide) Also videos linked to locations

Early Warning Project:

End Genocide:

Global Slavery Index: (great site for contemporary

issues of slavery)

Human Rights Watch –

Partners in Health –

Doctors Without Borders –

World Health Organization:




World Factbook – –

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