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This assignment is about Hello Fresh

  • No more than 5 pages plus attachments
  • You may use format of your choice – be creative – make it professional!
  • Write as a consult to me as an executive trying to understand Hello Fresh and the meal deliver service market
  • Use the business model canvass and any other tools from class or otherwise. Four quadrant charts are great.
  • Do your best to find the info online and be creative in your research
  1. Summarize the Meal Delivery Service Market
  2. Who are the main competitors – how may they be different? Who is leading competitor? How are they positioned?
  3. What are the competitive alternatives (not just meal service)
  4. What makes Hello Fresh unique or differentiated (is it?)
  5. Consider the whole business model – use the canvass and map the business model
  6. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the model?
  7. Do they have a sustainable competitive advantage? Can they be easily copied?
  8. What is / could be the benefit of being global from a business market perspective?
  9. Who do you think they are and should be targeting and what is / are their core value propositions
  10. Describe their brand promise and personality?
  11. Do you recommend investing in them and why?

Provide a 2-page PowerPoint summary and the written report.

This link is this company…

and here is the book that I study from…

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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