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 I made a plan to rescue people from disaster and I have new facts that I need to consider. What I need from you is to go through the plan and understand the situation I had… then read the 3 questions and the new facts and try to answer them ..

Here is the plan 

The plan……

We have to decide which group of people we give the priority to secure. We have two states that have suffer from the disaster.

Area 1 ( Alabama) :

First priority …. An underground storm shelter had much of its dirt covering scoured away. There are injured occupants inside and the door to the shelter is pinned shut.

The occupant’s include the mayor’s son and daughter in law who is pregnant. The mayor is urging you to send a crew to the storm shelter.

Second priority

Several of the mobile homes were damaged and 3 were thrown in the air, landing two miles away. Two power lines are down in the area causing electrical danger. Trees were debarked and mobile homes were completely destroyed as well.

Third priority

One of the children who were evacuated from the school bus and the driver are missing.

Area 2 (Georgia/ southeast Tennessee)

First priority

There is a gas leaking from the tanks and there is concern that if a fire breaks out, the surrounding business will be completely destroyed. There are a number of injuries at the scene as well as some fatalities. 

Second priority

Three schools were damaged and have many injuries ( children and stuff).

Third Priority

Art building were damaged and there is 35 people cannot get out. We have to move very expensive art works to rescue these people. All roads to this building are closed.

As I mentioned before this was our plan … our goal was to provide the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Our plan was to divide the 6 leaders in two groups to cover the two areas.

I attached the pic… I want you to read the two passages and quote from them answering the questions. 

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