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do you think situational exceptions exist

Learning Activity #1

Richard Daft’s Book, The Leadership Experience, has a case study entitled the USS Florida located at the end of the chapter.  Leadership: Mind and HeartUsing the link find and read the case. The powers that be have decided to give him a second chance to lead his own ship. The Captain has come to you to help him come up with a plan of action to accomplish his goal of a radical leadership makeover. Analyze how the Captain might go about changing his leadership style if given a new ship and crew. Take into consideration his personality traits, the organizational values, emotional intelligence and social leadership aspects of his role as leader. Be specific. Think of specific practical ways that will help him to self- educate the change. In short make him a new man so that his men will follow. FOR THOSE OF YOU IN THE MILITARY OR EX-MILITARY BE CAREFUL NOT TO BE REALITY DRIVEN IN YOUR RESPONSES. Do not focus on the reality of the situation as you have experienced things, but rather focus on the readings for the week and the course to date. Divorce yourself from the military for this exercise and think like a business leader.

Part Two

Take one of short personality and emotional IQ tests located in the toolbox or in the weekly schedule and comment to the class about things they suggest that you improve upon or can use to help you in creating followers. Support your comments with the reading.

Learning Activity #2

In the article “Primal Leadership” (see reading) on page 45 has a short side note “Those Wicked Bosses Who Win” In the blurb the author suggests that Bill Gates’s personality was an exception to his theory that being in a good mood is very important to social success in a leader. Yet later he goes on to say that the exception actually wasn’t because Gates challenged his highly motivated employees. In short he was a situational exception.

After reading the article and the short side note, do you think situational exceptions exist or do you think that they really just use emotions to make their situation work for them?

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