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The clash of beliefs and values between cultural groups has created conflict since the dawn of time.

For this assignment select two countries or cultural groups that are currently or have historically been in conflict. Then, research the conflict from the perspective of each of the cultural groups. Your research should include library, internet, and community resources. Finally, in a 1 page response based on summarizing the major issues and arguments of each cultural group. Your response should explore the role of cultural values, political contexts, and historical contexts in the conflict.

M06 : L1 Knowledge Building


Known for his study of IBM employees in over 40 countries, Geert Hofstede, the creator of the Cultural Orientation Module was quoted as saying


This seems to be quite a cynical view of the differences that we will ultimately encounter when having intercultural interactions. Perhaps if we look at the differences between cultures through a different lens we can enhance our ability to create positive outcomes for the unavoidable intercultural conflicts in our lives.

By understanding the characteristics of conflict discussed in our text; Ambiguity, Language Issues, and Contradictory Conflict Styles and applying to the current political conflicts we face in the United States we can begin to identify some of the root causes for these conflicts.

Currently we can look to political conflict in the United States over differences in the interests, values, and goals we hold as Americans to demonstrate the concepts discussed in our readings and textbook.

An interesting concept related to our topic of intercultural conflict is “Culture Wars”. Defined as a conflict between groups with different ideals, beliefs, and philosophies.

In this opinion piece “Why conservatives start culture wars and liberals win them” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external the Washington Post Renowned Author and Professor of Religion at Boston University Stephen Prothero offers some insight on how the differences between two major political groups (conservatives and liberals) affect the culture of the United States.

We can also here him discuss some of the different interest, value, and goal conflicts we have faced in America in this interview below.

This concept of culture wars is being played out currently in the 2016 election. With candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump on their relative sides fighting for what they each believe is the soul of America. Again Author Stephen Prothero offers an opinion piece in the LA Times (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. interesting take on the Culture Wars and the current election.

We can read about Donald Trump and his use of the Culture Wars as the center of his campaign strategy in this Article, published in the US News and World Report, “Trump stuck in the 90’s” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Intercultural conflict is inevitable, unavoidable, and soon to be forefront in the 2016 election. As students of intercultural communication, we should look to understand this conflict and view it with a critical lens. It is quite likely that the political conflicts that exist in America will spill over into our personal lives and it will be up to us to use the tools we have learned to manage this conflict effectively.

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