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Hum112 “Twentieth Century African-American Artists; Postmodern Architecture

“Twentieth Century African-American Artists; Postmodern Architecture” Please
respond to one (1) of the following, using sources
under the Explore heading
as the basis of your response: 

  • Choose two (2) of the following late 20th century African-American artists,
    and compare and contrast their art: Bearden, Lawrence, Basquiat, or Colescott.
    Describe specific elements of the works from the chosen artists that represent
    the multiplicity of the African-American experience. Identify one (1) of these
    works (or some other by an African American artist) that you would like in your
    workplace, and explain why. 
  • Choose one (1) example of architecture that you believe best exemplifies the
    characteristic post-modern style. Provide a rationale for your selection, and
    describe two (2) of the features of post-modern style that you find


African American Artists of the Twentieth Century 

  • Chapter 35 (p. 1167) and Chapter 36 (p. 1180) on Jacob Lawrence 
  • Chapter 39 (pp. 1285-1286) on Romare Bearden  
  • Chapter 40 (pp. 1326-1327) on Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Jacob Lawrence, New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) at 
  • Basquiat and Robert Colescott, Washington DC’s Corcoran Museum at   
  • Romare Bearden video, San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art at 

Postmodern Architecture

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