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What was something you read that you can add value to and enhance in some way?, assignment help

I want to answer these questions from the book :

From Chapter11: (half page)

1. What was something you read that you can add value to and enhance in some way?

2. (New Director): Pretend you have been appointed the director of a major new distance education program in your organization. How would you approach the planning issues related to faculty? Assume the distance education instructors will be drawn from existing faculty. What issues would you need to address and how would you address them? The following article may be of use. Emerging Leadership Roles in Distance Education at…

3. (For Profit): Do you have, or know anyone who has, experience with a For Profit university? Is it similar or different from what this documentary highlights? Do you view the accreditation as an important factor before deciding to enroll in an education program? What about the school’s funding source? Financial Reputation?


From chapter12 (one page)

1. (Huh?): What did you disagree with? What was surprising?

2. (But Wait, there’s more): What was something you read that you can add value to and enhance in some way?

3. (Evaluation): Why is evaluation and important aspect of distance education? Review the section “A Look at Best Practice Issues: What the Accreditation Community is Saying about Quality in Distance Education” on p. 342. This section gives some indicators of quality.

4. (Quality Matters): Quality Matters is a process designed to certify the quality of an online or blended course. What is your reaction to reviewing distance education courses for quality? How do you think faculty respond to standards set to achieve quality in courses? Should distance education courses be treated different than traditional face-to-face courses?

5. (Quality Matters 2): Why is evaluation a critical component of the process of improvement of a distance education program or course? What experiences have you had with the evaluation of programs and courses throughout your academic career as a student (or teacher, administrator, etc.)? What components (as described in your textbook) were you involved with? Describe your general experiences and whether or not you believe it has had an impact on the improvement of the program or course.

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