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Select a topic of interest relating to Leadership in Higher Education for your literature review , assignment help

Select a topic of interest relating to Leadership in Higher Education for your literature review in Week 8. Using that topic, find 5 scholarly articles in the NCU library (see links below to access library databases).

NCU Library Databases:

1. EBSCOhost (link:

EBSCOhost Education Research Complete


2. ProQuest (link:

ProQuest Education Journals

3. Sage Journals Online (link:

4. Gale Academic OneFile (link:

5. Springer Link (link:

(Note: the link will bring you to NCU’s login page first then after you enter my login information it will direct you to the proper sites. I will message my login information to you.)

With those 5 scholarly research articles, use Stern’s (2015) Note-Taking Table provided below (see attachment) to fill in sections of the table with the elements of research. Be sure to complete with proper APA citation, form, and style as needed.

How will you find the purpose of the study?

How will you locate the methodology and findings in each study?

The information you include in the Note-Taking Table can be brief, in the form of notes. Anytime you enter information that is a direct quote from the original source, be sure to enclose that information in quotation marks so you can cite it correctly in your paper. Failure to correctly cite can lead to a violation of academic integrity. Such violations are recorded in your student record and can have serious consequences, including dismissal from your program.

Finally, review the resource collection websites RefWorks and Zotero found in the links below, and then write a one-page summary comparing the two programs. Explain which one you would prefer and why?

Link to RefWorks:

Link to Zotero:

Length: Completed Note-Taking Table and one-page comparison

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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