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Activity #6 ~ Family Crest

Activity Objective

One of the ways we understand artworks is to decode the symbolism. In art, we call the study and use of symbols, iconography. For this assignment, you’ll use iconography to develop your own family crest.


  1. Print out the template below or use it as a model to draw your own.
  2. Research your family name and/or adapt your own symbols. Choose emblems, for example, logos, emojis, colors, animals, that represent you or relate to your life.
  3. For more information about coat of arms and inspiration for iconography, check out this activity pack published by the Dufferin Museum of Ontario Canadasvg icon downloadActions.
  4. Draw and color your crest.
  5. Create a key or a legend. This is a list of your symbols, each drawn in miniature, with a short explanation of their significance.
  6. Write your name, date, and course in the upper right corner of the page. Take a photo with all four sides showing and upload it as your assignment.

Coat of Arms.pdf

svg icon downloadActions

Minimize File Preview

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