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creating blog of 700 words for political topic

I’m working on a History exercise and need support.

Blog Instructions

Students you will be required to post your YT, Podcast, or Blog web address here for students & I to be able to access.

MUST POST ALL THESE items here on BB, not just in your assignment. NO ATTACHMENTS. Make sure you read your syllabus for the minimum requirements. Here’s the requirements to post your items here (on BB in this post):

1) “NAME” put the subject/issue/current event you are discussing in your YT, podcast, or blog (i.e. Immigration Blog, or Gun Control Podcast).

2) In the body area post the website address at the very top….you MUST have it linked so that students can just click on it & go to your address. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR LINK, make sure I can easily access it & that the LINK is correct. If the link is NOT correct I cannot grade, it may be a 0 or points will be deducted.

3) ALL students MUST include a MLA formated list of sources/bibliography with 2 minimum sources (no Wikipedia).

4) Post two questions you want students to answer related to the YT, podcast, & blog. Number each question. Make sure the questions are well worded.


FOCUS on TEXAS in your CE’s.

Make sure the link works.

All of the above MUST be in the post, not the podcast/YT video/blog.

**NOTE: that if I CANNOT open your link when I grade your CE’s OR if you don’t have the proper link then I may NOT grade your work.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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