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Dissociation, Journal two response.

Week 13 Discussion 1

The readings this week discuss how to write a research paper. Answer the prompts below about your personal experiences with writing a research paper. Your answers can provide insight and support for your classmates.

  • How do you set up a schedule for your research project?
  • Discuss your internet research techniques
  • How did you evaluate and chose your sources for this paper?
  • How did you analyze your sources for this paper?
  • Discuss how you managed your sources into a working bibliography/works cited page
  • Discuss your note taking strategies
  • How did you acknowledge your sources using APA
  • Discuss your writing process and what has worked successfully for you; outline, rough draft, etc
  • What roadblocks have you encountered and how did you overcome them?
  • Share tips and tricks about your research writing techniques with your classmates
  • Suggested length: 200 – 250 words

    Week 13 Journal

    Writing Matters Chpt 15 dicusses taking notes to avoid plagiasism. This includes giving credit for your sources through the use of quotations.Read the research project in chapter 18 (p. 350-62) and use the bulleted list in section 15g pg 260 to categorize the writer’s use of quotations. Has she used the quotations effectivley? Why or why not?Be sure you have addressed the prompts, that you are specific, and that your entry says something worthwhile. Journal entries are informal writing, but as with all class writing, editing counts. Be sure to proofread your entry.Suggested length: 200-300 wds.

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