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I need help with Week 6 – this is a PowerPoint Presentation


No rubric – the following is the professor’s email about the presentation – I have also included a paper I found on Course Hero about the subject. I would like to do this on young mothers who get addicted to drugs and lose their children. I see a lot of them in the hospital due to cellulitis from shooting up.

Ethical Case Autopsy- In Week 6, the syllabus says small groups will present a case study of an ethical dilemma that someone in the group has encountered in their work. Since we have only seven students in this class, each student will present their own case. It is a straightforward assignment that includes:

1. From your own professional history, in whatever clinical institution, choose a case involving an ethical dilemma. Remember that not only not every happening presents an ethical dilemma. It will simplify this process for you if you select as clearly cut a dilemma as possible.

2. Outline the facts of the case, and analyze the actions and outcomes of it, according to the most likely of the four ethical approaches we went over in class, and contained in O’Toole’s paper in Week One’s resources.

3. Offer an alternative ethical approach, using another of the four ethical approaches, and analyze what would have been done differently with this approach, and how the outcomes might possibly have changed.

Week 6 Reading Journal Essay

Submit a 2-3 page essay on the two most striking ideas you recorded in your reading journal entries, during the past 5 weeks of this course. Describe how your viewpoint has been ratified and/or changed during this time.

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