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LE#6 HRM 6180 – Human Resource Management

Topic: From Manufacturing to Fast-Food, Employers are Taking Advantage of COVID-19 to Mistreat Workers

Please take a look at this or similar article:…

Gather information readily available in the media, form an opinion about this particular topic, and discuss it with your peers.


Considering what you are working on in your case study as well as the material presented to you in week 6 (Performance Management and Appraisal, and Total Rewards and Compensation) and in view of so many bankruptcies (Big chains filed for bankruptcy and closed stores every week in July. Here are 9 of them or Chapter 11 Bankruptcy) There are so many opposing views on the steps companies take to stay alive and save jobs. That is why it is important for you to have an opinion before attempting to post or reply.


Be sure to proofread carefully (Use Grammarly – the premium version! Make sure your writing score is more than 90) and cite your sources (APA 7.0 ed).


  1. NOTE:
    1. post your 300-400 word
    2. Offer at least two 100-200 word comments (replies) to posts from your peers’ discussions
    3. you will be graded using the following rubric and standard

Grading Rubric and Standards

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