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must read 4 books from websites and write 250 words

For today’s discussion forum, please write 2 paragraphs comparing these two classical Greek heroes: Perseus and Heracles (Hercules). You can also talk about Prometheus and Pandora from last module’s readings, too, if you’d like. Then, read your classmates’ responses and comment on one of them where you see a connection or a question or something you hadn’t thought of before.

Here are some ideas for discussion: where do the heroes follow the hero’s journey pattern or the monomyth? where do their stories do something different and diverge from either pattern (see list summaries below)? who represents the different character types? what’s different about versions of either story that you’ve seen/read? Do the stories remind you of other stories? You can also ask questions or share your observations about particular aspects of the stories and their themes or meaning.


Status quo

Call to adventure

Assistance from another

Departure into the special/unknown world (across the threshold)

Trials and temptations

Approaching the crisis

Crisis or darkest moment

Treasure or reward

Result of the crisis

Return to the known world

Beginning a new life

Resolving the adventure

Character types:










the links for the reading


1- https://press.rebus.community/mythologyunbound/cha…


2- https://press.rebus.community/mythologyunbound/cha…

The Story of Prometheus

3 – http://www.authorama.com/old-greek-stories-5.html

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