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POLICY MEMO. The policy memo will present policy recommendations

Assignment Type: Letter/Memos

Instructions (Use this link to see How to write a policy memo)
The POLICY MEMO will present policy recommendations to a specific audience on a topic of your choice. Please choose a proper topic about a certain specific and real world problem that you can solve (Feasible) using your Recommended policy. Update Us accordingly once this topic is chosen.

Please read carefully the 4 files uploaded (the guidelines on the content, format, style ARE CRUCIAL) which contain full instructions for this work. (please also study the link above!) Also do use a good variety of sources (require proper citation!) necessary andfit for this policy memo assignment.

The word limit is 750, so about 650 words of a perfect quality writing will suffice. Be precise, be clear and powerful.

You must use your own words. This means summarizing and paraphrasing the readings (any sources used for this work) rather than directly quoting!

NO PLAGIARISM IS ALLOWED! Do Include a Reference List at the end of the assignment with Proper citations (including In-text citations). Stick to a consistent and valid citation style.

Please do give Regular updates on the progress of the Assignment.

Sources: –

Citation Style: APA 6th edition

1.1 pages / 650 words (Single spacing)

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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