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reports need use excel

I need 2 full reports (2000 words each) and use excel to draw figures, report example:

how that you can work with data, produce high-quality graphs and tables and perform a deep analysis.

  • Write a “letter to investors” that describes your analysis
  • font size 11pt, 1.5 line spacing
  • Do not copy and paste Tables or Figures from other sources.
  • first report topic: Is gold a good portfolio risk diversifier? analyze 20+ countries portfolios and the addition of gold in local country. see also Koestlmeier and Rober (2021) and references therein.
  • Second report topic: does social media increase the volatility of stock? Analyze 20+ stocks covered by Reddit and link them to prices, returns, and volatility.
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    Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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