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Roles in the healthcare term.

In addition to understanding medical terminology, it is also helpful to understand the roles of the healthcare professionals. In this assignment you will research two different careers in the healthcare industry as well as exploring a specialty area.

  1. List 2 careers in healthcare and compare the education, the pay, the duties, and the job availability in a chart.
  2. Starting on page 184 in your textbook there are CASE REPORTS 1 through 10. Select one of the CASE REPORTS and READ it THEN define the terms and explore the different careers in that specialty area.

RESOURCES for this Assignment:

1. On page 332 in your textbook there is a list of over 30 healthcare careers with a description, education requirements.

2. View the healthcare videos on “what an typical day is like” at the link below:

3. Link to US News Ranking of the best healthcare jobs:

4. Link to information on members of the Healthcare Team:

I will find the pictures of the case I’ll I’ll send it to you.

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