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Supplement Project

You must type the assignment in MS Word format and upload as a .doc or .doc file. (Note: All students are entitled to get a free version of Office 365 (Links to an external site.) so everyone has access to Word). If you are using a Mac (PAGES), do NOT submit a pages file–export your homework to PDF and upload as a PDF file.

Before you Begin

You will use the supplement from Part 1 of your assignment If you did not complete Part 1, review the instructions from Part 1 FIRST. You must use this product you were assigned for Part 2 of the project.

Important: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE information from the NIH or other resources–use your own words, and describe where you obtained the information.

What to Submit

Part Two (32 points)

Answers to the following questions, in complete sentences when possible:

6 Points EACHList four of the ingredients in the product that can be found on the Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Performance Health Professionals Fact Sheet. (Links to an external site.) (Valid ingredients are highlighted for you on the product).

Your final report should have answers to these questions REPEATED four times for four separate ingredients!

  1. Is the ingredient a vitamin, mineral, herb, amino acid or something else? (specify, 1 pt).
  2. Does the supplement manufacturer indicate what they ingredient is supposed to do? If so, what do they claim it does? If not, why do you think the ingredient is there? (2 pts)
  3. Is the ingredient considered safe according to the fact sheet? (why or why not? 1 pt)
  4. Is the ingredient considered effective for what it’s marketed to do, according to NIH? (why or why not–you will not get credit for just saying yes or no; 2 pts)
  5. Does the ingredient interact with medications or other supplements, according to NIH? (If so, which? 1 pt – If the fact sheet doesn’t specify, try WebMD’s Supplement Interaction Checker (Links to an external site.))
  6. Is the amount in the supplement enough to be considered effective? (If NIH says the ingredient is effective, how much would you need to take, and does this product contain enough? Or too much? 1 pt)

Be sure to use your own words and DO NOT plagiarize/copy.

Part Three (10 Points)

  1. What are your concerns about the supplement? (2 points)
  2. Would you take it, or recommend it to athletes, based on what you’ve learned in this assignment? (Why or why not?) (3 points)
  3. Does there seem to be any unnecessary or unneeded ingredients in this product? (Consider ingredients that you did not review above–are there vitamins, minerals, or herbs that are present that don’t seem to be needed? What about colors, flavors, sweeteners or fillers?) 2 points
  4. For the ingredients you listed, are there foods or beverages you could consume to get those same nutrients instead? (If so, list them. If not, discuss why a supplement is the only the option). (3 points)

Part Four (8 Points)

In 300-400 words, discuss what you learned about supplements through this class and in doing this assignment. This reflection should consider at least 3-4 of the following points: doping, regulations in the supplement industry, safety standards, the DSHEA, the resources provided such as NIH Office of Dietary Supplements, your own supplement use, and ideas about supplements held by the general public)

How will this be graded?

Points for each question will be awarded for complete answers that use the resources provided, in the students own words. Half points may be deducted for incomplete responses or poor spelling/grammar. A zero will be assigned for any assignments that plagiarize information–this includes using direct quotes (just use your own words!)

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