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You must show your work! This means to show each step of the calculations.

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Chapter 1- Fundamental Processes & Chapter 2- Fractions


  • You must show your work! This means to show each step of the calculation
  • Submit neat and organized work.
  • Check and correct your answers against those in the answer key.
  • Place your score in bold on the first page of the document.
  • Re-do the problems you missed so that you can be sure you understood the concept.

Review Problems

Chapter 1: Fundamental Processes

  1. Page 18- #’s 1-30
  2. Business Application Exercises- Assignment 1.1-F, 1.2- G.

Chapter 2: Fractions

  1. Pages 43-44- #’s 1-8; 13-20; 28-31; 36-39; 44-46 (A-E).
  2. Page 45- #’s 1-4; 9-12; 17-19 (A-C) Business 38 Textbook_Contemporary_Business_Mathematics_for_colleges_14th_edition_-2.pdfsvg icon downloadActionsUnderstand Fractions in 7 Minutes (Links to an external site.)Learn Fractions in 7 Minutes

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