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Field blog post

Post a blog post that includes:

  • An explanation of potential challenges for engagement in your field education experience (* A substance abuse and mental health clinic* Redeem Healthcare Medical Systems in Baltimore)
  • An explanation of personal action plans you might take to address engagement in your field education experience

By Day 4

Respond to the blog post of three colleagues in one or more of the following ways:

  • Make a suggestion to your colleague’s post.
  • Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting.
  • Colleague 1: Amber M
  • An explanation of potential challenges for engagement in your field education experienceAt my field placement I work with a lot clients who are mentally ill or suffer from substance abuse; a challenge with engagement is that sometimes the clients are too psychotic or detoxing too hard to understand or function. In stances like these it can be difficult. In other cases some patients feel the stigma of substance abuse or mental illness and feel like I can do nothing for them. Most of the patients that are at the hospital are involuntarily committed and are not always cooperative. An explanation of personal action plans you might take to address engagement in your field education experience.By expressing empathy and using my soft skills such as my tone of voice I can not only have engagement with my patients but positive engagement. According to Gerdes and Segal, “Research demonstrates that empathy is an important tool for positive therapeutic intervention” (2011). Empathy conveys an understanding and emotional intelligence. The populations I work with are often misunderstood and judged empathy can help me engage and help them meet their goals.Gerdes, K. E., & Segal, E. (2011). Importance of empathy for social work practice: Integrating new science. Social Work, 56(2), 141-8. Retrieved from…

    Colleague 2: Ryan The challenges that I see me having for engagement with clients during this field experience is that I am still working in the same office with my supervisor, so the clients that I have are all going to be her clients. I am in charge of teaching the 4-6 year old Social Skills group, and engagement with them is difficult because they all have ADHD or ODD, so they are not really “excited” about sitting still and trying to learn. The other clients that I work with on a daily basis with her are all used to her being the therapist and some are not so keen on having a “student” be there, as if they are a science project.While I do not engage in the therapy with her individual clients, it is now my responsibility to execute the actions needed to provide them support. If for instance, a woman is having issues with an abusive husband, it is my job to reach out to the women’s shelter and work with them to provider her safety. If a couple are being seen for their anxiety due to finances, I am the one that my supervisor tasks with finding them ways to provide for needs that would contribute to the betterment of their living conditions. Whether it is finding a home for a beloved pet that the upkeep is eating into the budget too much, or if I need to work with the local community college to try to secure the husband a place in an upcoming class to learn a skill to get a better job.

    Ways that I see me overcoming this challenge is to just be there and be the support that she needs me to be. The clients will eventually see that I am a part of THEIR team. I am only helping to better their life. By maintaining the professional attitude that i have always had, I will eventually win them over, and build the rapport that she has with these clients. Even though, there are already some of her clients that liked me from my first field experience and are willing to get me to help them with their needs.

Colleague 3: Ashlynn

An explanation of potential challenges for engagement in your field education experienceIn my field experience working with Children’s Protective Service and foster care youth, I may face many challenges for engagement.One particular challenge is building rapport with families. As a CPS Specialist, parents can be very hesitant with a worker knocking on their door identifying themselves as a CPS worker. With CPS and foster care there is a lot of stigma. With this some families may feel fear and shame, and not allow the Specialist to fully help and assist the family with their needs.

With this being the second quarter, I learned some great skills in my field experience. One skill learned was simply just engaging with my field supervisor so that we can both have a better experience. On my list of action plan is great communication. I make eye contact, ask clarifying questions when I’m unsure or do not understand and actively listen. In CPS, when talking to clients in regards to any allegations the department received, I ensure to let the family know they are just allegations. I use clear communication to let the parents know exactly why I am present. While working with foster care youth, I plan on finding a common interest to discuss to build rapport.

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