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ILR 260 Academic information literacy

Week One: Assignment 2: Web Search Activity

This Web Search Activity will prepare you for the Week One Workshop: Web Source Evaluation. In this activity, we will explore web searching strategies—especially strategies for crafting searches to produce the greatest density of relevant results. Read the assignment instructions here: Week One-Web Search Activity Week One-Web Search Activity – Alternative Formats .

You will be submitting a document that provides responses to 15 web-search-related tasks. Full credit is earned if all 15 tasks are attempted.

Here is an editable template you may use to complete the Web Search Activity: Web Search Activity: ANSWERS Template Web Search Activity: ANSWERS Template – Alternative Formats . Submit this as an assignment through the “Week One: Assignment 2: Web Search Activity” link above:

Week One: Assignment 3: Project Introduction

Assignment instructions:

Please submit your work as an attachment (rather than copying and pasting into Blackboard).

Be sure to submit your file in .doc/.docx format. This format remains the standard for sharing word-processing files in school and most workplaces. (If you’re using a program other than Microsoft Word and are not sure how to save in .doc, do a quick web search for help. For example, search for Pages save as .doc or Google Docs save as .doc)

Click on the “Week One Assignment 2: Project Introduction” link above to submit your assignment, as well as to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

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