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2philosophy questions , 1000words each

Please be someone who have studied philosophy because I don’t have sufficient teaching materials/ lecture notes Instructions:

1. Answer any TWO of the following questions.

2. Each question carries EQUAL weight.

3. Deadline of Submission: 28 April, 2021 (23:59)

4. WORD LIMIT of EACH answer is 1,000


Q1. Outline and critically evaluate any one (and no more than one) of the arguments

for the existence of God that have been discussed in this course.

Q2. What is the problem of induction? Why is the problem so difficult to solve?

Q3. Answer EITHER of the following but NOT both:

a. Outline and critically evaluate the covering-law model.

b. Can social/psychological phenomena be fully explained in terms of our

knowledge in natural science? Why or why not

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