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15 minutes voice-over report

You are to present a 15 minutes voice-over report (use any medium of your choice, example; voice over power point, loom etc) on a subject of your choice. You may pick an article about anything you find interesting and that is related to your major, your work, your hobby, your sports interest, etc. Some ideas for topics that may lead to articles containing statistics information are:

  • Health issues (migraine cures, cancer cures, the spread of malaria, pediatric health issues, blood pressure medicines, controversial or novel techniques for curing illnesses…..)
  • Sports topics (following one team’s progress, comparing two or more players within the same sport, novel technology that improves performances …..)
  • Social sciences (the debate about feminism, racial inequities or injustices, legalizations of marijuana, human trafficking, gun legislation, minimum wages ….)
  • Economic issues (stock market fluctuations, the wage gap, corporate ethics, ….)
  • Environmental issues (climate change, weather patterns, fossil fuel use, alternative energy, earthquakes, hurricanes,…..)
  • Global issues (terrorism, community uprisings, war, weapons, refugee migration, ….)

This list is by no means all encompassing – this is just a starting point for you to generate ideas. You certainly can find articles that do not relate to any of the above topics.

Be sure the following objectives are covered in your project:

1. Appropriateness of the topic (type of study discussed)

2. Statistics involved in the topic (be clear)

3. Technical details or fine points about the topic

4. Conclusion, including your opinions about the study and why this article is important to you

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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