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2021 Fall Term (1) Writing for Engineering ENGL 21007

I don’t know how to handle this Engineering question and need guidance.

For this assignment, choose a technological item, one that you are particularly interested in, and explain its purpose. Think carefully about your choice. Descriptions of objects, mechanisms, and processes appear in virtually every kind of technical communication. In addition, instructions are also frequently used.

  1. Choose a simple technological item. Topics will be discussed in class.
  2. Divide the item into components: parts and subparts. Then describe each part and subpart in detail.
  3. Take pictures, and label them. If you use images from the Internet, proper citation is needed. Give every picture a figure number and a caption (APA format).
  4. Your Technical Description will have the following elements:
    1. Title page/cover sheet
    2. Outline of the Contents
    3. Introduction. You will discuss the history of the innovation as well as the innovator, the need for innovation, and all relevant history and background information.
    4. Body: The actual Technical Description of the innovation including the parts and descriptions. You will have to determine a logical structure: top, middle, bottom, or exterior and interior parts, etc. Arrange the content in an outline format. Use Illustrations/ images and cite them.
      1. You may want to add another section on how the item functions or can be used.
    5. Conclusion
    6. References page.

Research will be involved. References (AND PROPER CITATION) will be mandatory.

Minimum 5 pages. More pages may be necessary.

Self-Reflection 1-2 pages (due with the second draft).

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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