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3 Perspectives on DONALD TRUMP Personality

5 pages single spaced apa format

You will analyze this person from THREE of the eight major perspectives addressed in our textbook (Neo-analytic Perspective, Biological Perspective, Behavioral Perspective)

. You can introduce your topic, give a 2-3 page summary of
their biographical information, analyze their personality using the three perspectives you have chosen, and then
wrap the paper up with a conclusion

Aspects of Theories Used (29 points total)

Accuracy of theory descriptions, appropriate citing/referencing sources, accurate theory application
Aspects of the Person Interpreted (33 points total)

Appropriate sources, appropriate description of biographical information, appropriate citing/referencing sources,
selection and interpretation of biographical facts
Quality of the Writing (29 points total)

Organization of paper, quotations correctly used and formatted, clarity of sentences and paragraphs, grammar,
spelling/word usage
Formatting Issues (9 points total)

use these references and add more

Trump, Donald, and Tony Schwartz. Trump: The Art of the Deal. Random House Business, 2016.

Friedman, H. S. & Schustack, M. W. (2016). Personality: Classic theories and modern research, (6th edition). Pearson.

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