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500 Words Critical Analysis on Article APA style

Attached is the article! (APA style) DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE ARTICLE!

Do not summarize the reading in your paper, nor the methodology or the results. Rather, write your reaction to and analysis of some aspect of the reading and how it may be applied in your field. Feel free to discuss concepts or issues that you think should be addressed.

Results, Conclusions, Application – Are there additional implications of the results that the author(s) did not mention? Any issues with generalizing the results? Would you apply the results of the study in your field? Any limitations that should have been considered? What are future directions that have not been discussed but you feel are important to include in the paper?

Is it clear what the focus of the paper is? Are there any ambiguities? Do you have appropriate examples and are they clear? Does the argument flow throughout the paper logically? Do you have a summary/conclusion?

The topic of your paper should be reflected in the title and the first sentence of a paragraph is the “topic sentence”. The first paragraph of the paper can be used as an overview and to describe the scope of your paper. Make sure the reader can follow your arguments and do not let them play the guessing game of “where are you going with this”?

You may not use any direct quotes from the reading. The point of these papers is to demonstrate that you understand the information we cover in this class. Therefore, the entire paper should be in your own words. Read the information and then reword it. Most importantly, be extremely careful to avoid any plagiarism, even inadvertent one.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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