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500 words TOPIC: Internship Resources – Working with Clients & Inspiration for Careers in the Field Discussion Overview


From the below, choose a question that you can best relate to and/or ideally one that is most relevant to your site. Respond to one question making sure to draw strongly on the content from the chapters assigned for this week to make explicit, informed, and relevant connections between your reflection and the text.

Please ensure that your initial post is at least 500 words.


  1. Based on chapter 15 from the PDF posted for week 6 under Modules: Feel free to share reflections and/or inspiration for your future career (job searching) based on the chapter – spoiler alert – The author is our alumna, PhD 2011! (Links to an external site.) (Remember to find the PDF chapter under Modules, section for week 6).
  2. Based on the textbook chapter 7 by Sweitzer and King: In what ways have your credentials or competences been challenged already? When you think about the ways you have reacted – noticeably or privately- what did you learn about yourself? How will you handle such a situation differently in the future given how you handled it up to this point?
  3. Based on the textbook chapter 7 by Sweitzer and King: If you have had other internships, a career or a job with longevity in the helping professions, compare your reactions and experiences to working with the current group of clients with your reactions and experiences working with populations in the past. What’s different? How are those differences affecting you and your work? What lessons from the past do you take onto your internship today?

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