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6000-9000 words personal financial plan.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you to develop a detailed financial plan that will act as a financial roadmap for the rest of your life. Each section of your financial plan provides you with the opportunity to reflect deeply on the theory covered in the course and to make practical, specific and detailed application of that theory to your expected future life stages. You should work on your financial plan gradually during the term as you cover each Unit. You should use the Microsoft Word template provided and submit the final document in Microsoft Word format. Word limit: 6,000 – 9,000 words.

The financial plan that you will develop is far more comprehensive (and useful) than a typical ‘Statement of Advice (SOA)’ that a financial adviser would prepare for a client. This is because the focus of this course is on understanding the broad issues that financial advisers need to consider when advising clients.

My current situation:

Student, age 26, male, live in my apartment which parents gave me (worth 1,000,000 Australian dollar). plan to buy a new apartment when I back to Canada. I am Chinese, but have Canada PR, will move to Canada after finish my master degree. Plan to married after 30-35? No child or one child in plan? Now I live in China and do internship in TikTok APAC. The remaining information you can use your imagination and please be reasonable and logical. You can use a lot of tables/form explain or show your idea. My major is Finance, will find a job in France industry in Canada. But please use Australian tax law and annuity plan.All price in Australian dollar, cuz this is the project for Australian. FYI. I will provide some template later.There are 10 parts for this assignment, 1: Current situation 2: Life Planning 3: Financial Strategy 4: Financial Independence 5:Career Strategy 6: Property and loans 7: Risk Management 8: Taxation Planning 9: Investment Strategy 10: Action Plan. Please let me know if you have any questions about myself or this assignment.

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