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700 words task need done

By MEARS, Daniel P. EDITION: 17 PUBLISHER: CAMB ISBN: 9781316614044
READ PAGES 197-252.

a) First, after finishing Daniel Mears’ book, Out-of-Control Criminal Justice, in your opinion, which of the four critical goals (public safety, justice, accountability, or efficiency) do you believe policymakers and criminal justice administrators should stay focused on the most when developing criminal justice policy?

b) Also, please provide suggestions as to how officials can stay focused on the above goal while formulating and implementing criminal justice policy.

c) Next, in your opinion, is a Systems Improvement Solution approach feasible, or is it simply too daunting a task for officials to focus on the entire criminal justice system when crafting a policy? Take a position either way and fully support it.

d) Next, what particular aspects of the book resonated with you the most? Be sure to explain how this particular aspect of the book contributes to our understanding of criminal justice policy and decision making.

e) Next, what do you believe is the biggest potential pitfall or problem associated with using a Systems Improvement Solution approach? Is this approach still useful even in spite of this pitfall? Elaborate.

In addition to fully responding to the above question, please pose a critical thinking question to your peers. Please remember, this critical thinking question is meant to challenge your classmates in a meaningful way, and it must be a graduate-level question.

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