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Accounting 403 Flow Chart of Case Study

Visualizing processes and the flow of data is critical to understanding an accounting information system. In a prior assignment, you reviewed a case study that described a collateral deposit process in a business environment. Based on this scenario, you identified key roles, tasks, and processes in the process. You will now create a flow chart that accurately captures and describes a specific accounting information process in a detailed and complete manner.

Activity Instructions
After you review the resources for this activity, use the detailed procedure list that you created in Week 2 (Attached Below) to create a flowchart that describes the Collateral Deposit processes described in the case study in Week 2. You can utilize the graphics tools in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to complete this task. You can also use Microsoft Visio if you have access to the program and know how to use it.

Refer to the original case study as necessary to accurately capture and describe details. THE ORIGINAL CASE STUDY IS ATTATCHED BELOW.


  • 1-2 pages
  • 1-inch margins
  • Title page with topic and name of student

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