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Acctg 505

IDEA Case Study

The heart of this team project is to produce a comprehensive report for Mr. Cuthbert, Mr. Bright, and the board of directors of Bright IDEAS, Inc. Your report should include the following:

    • Background of the engagement
    • Your curriculum vitae
    • Executive Summary (no more than two pages)
    • Scope and Methodology
    • Detailed Findings for:
      • Accounts Receivable Review
      • Accounts Payable Review and Fraud Investigation
      • Inventory Analysis
    • Conclusion and Recommendations
    • Appendix

Other Project Details

  • The report should be:
    • double-spaced
    • Written and formatted as an executive report from your consulting company
      • You may find Chapter 10 in the textbook, which addresses Fraud Reports, particularly helpful.
  • The Individual Project Discussion Forum should be used to address questions about this project. Please post any questions there, as they are certain to benefit your fellow classmates.

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